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Ann Cheeks
Ann Cheeks Fine Art

The Art:
For me, it's been a lifetime of observing, experimenting, playing and using my hands to create things. Whether it's mud, sticks, fabric, paint or trash, I'm looking at it and figuring out how to manipulate it into something beautiful, fun, interesting or thought provoking. I believe that the time, space and freedom to play and experiment with nothing but your mind, hands and simple supplies is vital to humans - especially children - and art is a perfect place for this. Part of my role as a creative has been sharing this experience with others.

The Work:
I paint moments in time of places that evoke a feeling of awe, peace and/or tranquility. These tend to be places where I spend a good amount of time and often are intimate close ups within a vast space, although I'm also drawn to the vast open skies of the West.

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