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Cie Hoover
Custom Crafted by Cie

The Art:
Artist & Musician

The Work:
Along with performing alongside his wife Karisa in the folk-rock duo You Knew Me When, Cie has always had a passion for the visual arts. After working in the Nashville music industry for over a decade, and then touring full-time for six and a half years throughout North America with You Knew Me When, Cie rekindled his love of the visual arts after moving to Ouray. Cie's award-winning artwork is primarily based in various types of wood. After buying and remodeling an old 1898 mining house in Ouray, Cie discovered the versatility of wood as an art medium and began transforming his garage into his woodworking studio. The majority of Cie's work is based on and inspired by the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. After creating a "wood canvas" Cie utilizes various routers, saws, and stains to create his artwork. A number of his works also incorporate the use of sound waves as an artistic element and subtle dictation of what the work embodies. Keep up to date with the latest information by following @customcraftedbycie on Facebook and Instagram. For more information, please visit www.youknewmewhen.com/ccc

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