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Jennifer Dewey
AMULET arts ::: j dewey designs

The Art:
I try to surround myself with beauty and inspiration, both inside and outside of my four walls… studying Nature’s design, traveling to experience the artistic techniques and flavors of various cultures… this has proven to be essential to my continuous development as a Creative. Curiosity and a willingness to explore and get lost… looking under the rocks and over the walls… I am always eager to learn from new mentors, regardless of the medium by which they communicate.

The Work:
Located in the historic Ridgway bank building, 521 Clinton Street, the hours are 11am - 6pm Thursday - Saturday… or by appointment. Call 970.519.0021 to speak with Jenn and to meet with her - or any artists she is representing. AMULET is an “ artisan gallery and working studio” - filled with artisan works and eclectic finds… both local and international... to excite the eye and inspire the viewer. From contemporary studio jewelry to Moroccan adornments and artifacts… from Fair Trade woven market bags from Bangladesh to vintage Buddhist statues from Thailand… from local original paintings, sculpture and finery to ethnic home decor and mid-century furniture. As I bump elbows with fellow artisans and collectors… I seek out those creating/selling works which are complex, meaningful, iconic and/or of benefit to the greater good of the community/world. You will find newly created and vintage/antique pieces of art, as well as Fair-Trade and ethically produced gifts for people of every age … at AMULET, the definition of “art” and “artisan” is broad, yet refined.

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