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Hansa Devi
No Mind Mala (by Thirdeye Visionaries)

The Art:
Hansa works with gemstones to help boost and balance what you need. She makes her malas in a healing and nurturing environment, where meditation and intuition is her driving force. She also guides traditional Ashtanga Yoga classes in Ridgway, and integrates the non-dual teachings of Advaita Vedanta into her offerings. For more info about No Mind Mala visit the website, Ashtanga Yoga schedule or privates, pleasea contact Hansa.

The Work:
These unique one-of-a-kind pieces hold gemstones and various other natural materials to balance your being. A No Mind Mala serves as a sweet reminder to take conscious steps out of the rational mind and dive back into the sacred space of the heart, hridayam, the core of being. Wear the mala as a reminder to tap into the depths of contentment and live in a constant state of rebirth. Let go of the mind and give way to the essence, the heart, the self. Feel free to contact Hansa to view inventory or to place a custom order.

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