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Hansa Devi & Jyoti Jacobs
Thirdeye Visionaries

The Art:
Jyoti is a Colorado native, a multi-talented artist, who likes to explore different types of media. He is a Photographer by trade who has found a passion in Pyrography (wood burn art). Come by the Panji Bag Shop (at the old firehouse) to check out his pieces, or visit the website. Custom orders available upon request. Hansa makes gemstone prayerbeads, called No Mind Malas. She also guides traditional Ashtanga Yoga classes in Ridgway, and integrate the non-dual teachings of Advaita Vedanta into her offerings.

The Work:
Jyoti's amazing pyrography is a mix between his love for photography and detail, and his ability to channel his visions through his hands. Every Pyrography piece becomes a meditation, as he burns each line into the wood. Jyoti's Photography is mainly Wildlife and Nature oriented, greatly inspired by this area, through which he expresses the beauty that is ever present.

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