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Bonnie Heidbrak
Lucid Photo Art

The Art:
My business and personal travels have taken me around the world and I always have a camera with me. I am attracted to introspective serenity, coupled with a zest for the dynamic. I am an eclectic artistic photographer that looks for colors, texture, reflections, shadows and light to play into my work. This trend continues into my other forms of art of Encaustics, Mixed Media and Jewelry.

The Work:
I initially began my artist journey as a photographer. I traveled extensively both locally and globally and always with my camera close by. I looked to discover exceptional colors, textures, reflections, shadows and light. In my photography I look for introspective serenity coupled with a zest for the dynamic. In recent years I have expanded my artist work into encaustics and mixed media incorporating what I learned from my photography.

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