Kristin Adams

I design custom business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, post cards, promotional materials, banners and more.

Susan Baker

Nature painting, free form clay

John Baskfield
Conterra Workshop

Conterra Workshop is an architecture firm dedicated to design excellence, pragmatism, and sustainability. We seek spirited, holistic solutions for a wide range of projects. Our work reflects our sensitivity to the unique people and site that shape each project.

Tom Bennett
Bennett Forgeworks

Working in the Telluride and Aspen markets, we are called upon to create all manner of fanciful metalwork for some of the finest homes in the United States. We are also a resource for the community we live in, doing small jobs, repair work and offering advice.

Mark Berenson

Performs in restaurants, bars, small concerts and special events, and private shows.

John Billings

Grammy Award Statues, Custom Awards & Recognition Plaques

Bluecorn Naturals

Bluecorn Naturals makes and sells high quality beeswax candles in an array of styles and scents.

Lucy Boody

I design whimsical dimensional art (flowers, slippers, creatures), and wearable art (jackets, shawls, scarves, etc). My location is yet to be determined.

Denise Bush
Denise Bush Photography & Graphic Design

As a graphic designer I specialize in print graphics such as logos, brochures, flyers and commercial photography. Photography is my chosen fine art medium with an emphasis on the landscape, nature and things from the past.

Cafe Ridgway a la mode

Your Local Ice Cream Parlor - creatively tasty with a small local artisan marketplace!

Michael Cassidy

Outdoor photography, both landscape and wildlife

Edward Cating
The Living Room Gallery

Edward Cating is an oil painter who specializes in Landscape and portraiture, focusing on the spectacular Mountain West. His formal training took place at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston where he earned a Four Year Diploma in Studio Art (Concentration Painting). His influences include the Tonalists, Hudson River School, and 19th Century German Romantic Painters. Edward maintains both a working studio and a gallery that is open by appointment. The Living Room Gallery is located at 181 S. Lena St., Unit A, Ridgway, CO 81432-1126. Commissions are welcome.

Ann Cheeks
Ann Cheeks Fine Art

I paint moments in time of places that evoke a feeling of awe, peace and/or tranquility. These tend to be places where I spend a good amount of time and often are intimate close ups within a vast space, although I'm also drawn to the vast open skies of the West.

Cimarron Art Glass

Live glassblowing studio and gallery

Cimarron Coffee Roasters

Artisanal micro-roaster of specialty coffee based in Ridgway, CO. Roasting to balance unique origin qualities with body and drinkability.

Sheryl Clapton

Music of love, life, miracles and family

Dennis Conrad

One-of-a-kind contemporary furniture pieces, self designed, client directed and interior design collaborations.

Ally Crilly
Ally Crilly Art

Painting is how I can best tell the truth. It is a messy unpredictable process for me. When the flow is happening, I know I'm supposed to paint. When it's not, it's excruciating. I'm learning to paint regardless and wait for the moments that it makes sense in, and just ride the rest of them out. I'm also learning to do this in my life. Art has to surprise me in some way for it to interest me. My first paintings were of elephants. I still am inspired by them. They are fascinating. Fierce, beautiful, brave, sorrowful, injured, angry, grounded, wise, complicated, they are a never ending source of inspiration and connection. I feel their pain, you can see it in their eyes along with their wisdom and a sense of the absurd. Ganesha, the hindu deity inspired my love as well. He is the son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha is helpful with transition, boundaries, thresholds and of course much more. He creates the faith to remove all obstacles. He also places the obstacles in your path, as they really are the path. I study and practice yoga. Painting is a spiritual practice as well. I try to show up with a beginner mind and see what will happen. I live and work in Ridgway, Colorado. I grew up back east in New York. I love art, mountains, my family, yoga, and figuring out how to be a human being. I work as an artist, yoga teacher, and free-lance graphic designer.

Floyd Day

Paints mostly cows and some horses in Uncompaghre area

Karen Day

My purpose is to increase the awareness of wild horses. I donate 3% of my earnings to the Spring Creek Basin Wild Horses in Disappointment Valley.

Kellie Day

Whimsical, bright, energetic, acrylic collage; themes: southwest, trees, bikes, mountains and more

Nancy Donegan

Water painting for sales. Presently exploring ceramics and ceramic sculpture. Doing a collage children's book.

Barry B. Doyle

I began in photography in 1967 and was late and reluctant to enter the digital photo age. In 2009 Pelican Publishing I released my photo book Dallas Iconography to modest acclaim. Since becoming a full-time resident of Ridgway, I continue my passion to capture the beauty of the Western Slope.

Stephen Felberg

Performs a large variety of music, mostly on the Western slope. Plays guitar and sings. Has a wood shop at his home and designs and makes furniture and architectural woodwork with Japanese influence.

Anthony Gegauff

Varied painting subjects: landscape, still life, portrait. Favorites include large (e.g. 48” x 48”) colorful works on gallery wrapped hardwood panels. Photography: primarily landscapes and nature. Has produced numerous slideshows with titles and music.

Gene Goff

I strive to make the best images of the landscapes from Colorado and the southwestern United States. I work with not only the big sky landscape, but closer shots as well, that intrigue with their abstract qualities. When the beauty of the land speaks to me, I try to capture the emotion of the moment.

Erika Moss Gordon

Poetry, public performance, speaking for schools or other. Books of Poetry: OF EYES AND IRIS (2013) and PHASES (2016)

Judy Hazen

Commissioned animal portraits in size and medium of choice; Plein Air landscapes

Natalie Heller
LoneCone Photography

Landscape & ranch-life photography as fine art prints, as well as photographic note cards sold in local businesses.

Danelle Hughes Norman

One-of-a-kind functional ware, dishwasher/microwave safe; and also concept-based sculptures that mainly display on the wall.

Lisa Issenberg

Custom, Inspired Awards & Recognition Projects | Designed & Crafted in Colorado by Lisa Issenberg. Awards by Kiitella are bold & unique physical representations of above and beyond human drive - human commitment - human kindness.

Barbara Kendrick

Paintings that express connection to nature, with a representational style.

Kathryn Kubinyi

Free-lance flutist/performer and African drum facilitator and organizer; available for private flute instruction; drum circles; solo flutist for special events; organize drum circles with special master drummers.

Kathryn Lair

Architectural and interior photography that captures the spirit of the design and seduces the viewer into the space.

Marty Langion
Windwalker Glass Art

Windwalker Art Glass is a stained glass studio in the woods on Horsefly Mesa where the artist creates custom stained glass art and experiments with natural materials to create paintings and sculptures.

Judy Leonard
Dragon Fire Creations

Steam punk style jewelry and hats, recycled glass jewelry, whimsical sculpture, wind chimes made from odds & ends.

Caroline Lescroart

Local art gallery

Denise Lindsay

Paints murals for grocery stores: bathrooms at Mountain Market, Unicas Southwest, Ducketts Grocery Store in Ouray, and under the mining statue at Ouray pool

Carol Lipton

Impressionistic landscape paintings

Paula Marlatt

Plein Air oil paintings and pastels of SW Colorado. Outdoor and Garden Art.

DeAnn McDaniel

Creates artwork that depicts the mountains and landscapes of SW Colorado and the southwest United States.

Melissa McKay

Art teacher at Ridgway Elementary School

John R. Mitchell

I have always looked at God's creation as a source of my artwork, and strive to share my view of His creation. I began taking photos to paint, and have found that my photos are art in themselves.

Meredith Nemirov

On-site plein air landscape, focusing on the tree. Abstracted depictions of the trees in the landscape.

Judy Nordquist

Bronze sculptures of horses

Ouray County Plaindealer

Newspaper office

Beth Paulson

I live and write under the shadow of Corbett Peak in the Cutler Creek drainage, surrounded by field, forest, river and wildlife. This setting inspires my writing, though my subjects vary and travel far.

Diane Quarles
Aspen Light Glass Studio

A kiln-formed glass studio specializing in glass frit and powdered glass palette knife paintings.

Ridgway Gallery

Custom picture framing, Antique prints, maps, and books, Hand-coloring of antique engravings, Studio of artist Meredith Nemirov and Jorge Anchondo

Stephanie Rogers

Stephanie finds her inspiration in classic literature, mythology and all things old. She blends classic with American Folk art, using a variety of media, with her favorites being ink, acrylics, oils and gouache.

Kane Scheidegger
Fine Art Landscape Photography

Large fine art landscape photography from around the world with a majority focused right here in the beautiful San Juan Mountains. Specializing in large format panoramas. Also offering fine art printing.

Joanne Schoeb Taplin

If Joanne Taplin were a forger of metals, she would make a sword, and it would be an instrument that embodied the perfect union of mystery, simplicity, beauty and ingenuity. She is the first to tell you that she is a fabricator, though, not a forger, and finds her joy in joining pieces of metal to create highly original furniture pieces. Intrigued by the lyrical symmetry of mathematical forms like the Realeaux triangle, challenged by the demands of function and captivated by the infinite possibilities for design solutions, Taplin has found her artistic niche as a metals artisan. Currently Taplin’s time is spent on commissions and her own creations, but there is a constant interplay between the two.

Joan aka JShap Shapiro
Squirrel Flats Studio

Landscapes, figures; Songwriting

Ashley Slater
A.G. Creative

Conscious creativity for a conscious culture. Graphic and web development for the adventure, wellness, conservation and event niches.

Sprout Design Studio

Sprout Design Studio is a boutique consulting and design firm offering services in strategic marketing + business consulting, website design + social media, graphic design + brand identity, professional and technical writing.

JT Thomas

The home of JT Thomas Photography and SwiftTern Productions is housed in Ridgway's Old Shoolhouse. It is a fully equipped photographic and multimedia production and editing studio designed to be a collaborative space.

Diane Thompson
Avalanche Lily

Band - The Rank Amateurs

Voyager Youth Program

Children's art endeavors, multiple mediums.

Katharine Walker

My studio is in my home and people only come by invitation. I have a table at the Resource Art Center in Ridgway, along with a booth at the Ridgway Farmers market. I have a website and take custom and special orders.

Rose Walsh

I work in a variety of media, while recently focusing on oil painting and a return to my roots. I work in the studio from life and from memory and internal experiences. A dream-like quality is a thread throughout my work, crossing whichever media I utilize.

Richard Weber III

High end welding, always looking for a challenge of building something that someone says cannot be done.

West End Design LLC

Fine furnishings, fabrics, interior decoration

Lonnie White
Wudu Wasa (Alive in the Woods)

Provides event music: Forest Hill Garage Band - Sundays at noon, all welcome to join

Sheelagh Williams

Portraits of Nature

Susan Wing

Plein Air, Local Scenery

Wishing Star Pottery

My pottery has grown into a line of functional and decorative pieces incorporating words, quotes and poetry accented with hand-drawn underglaze designs. My main inspirations are my family, nature, travel, my bike and a whimsically modern design sense.

Joyce Marie Withrow

Norwegian, Swedish and other European inspired designs on wooden items, such as bowls, trays, trunks, plaques, etc. I paint at my home and sell my work at Resource Art, Art in the Park and at local art and gift sales.

Claudia Wolff

I create representational works of the natural world that I find living here in Ouray County such as wildlife, animals, and flowers.